The need for a revolution in the fashion industry

We are all affected by the fashion industry and the profit maximizing perspective that runs it. The fashion industry affects both our environment, climate, and human lives directly. This week is the Fashion Revolution week, and we in Mamitou want to share some thoughts about this much needed perspective. 

On average we Norwegians own about 80 kg of clothes each, and every fifth garment we buy is never or barely used. This is a part of the linear economical model where the resources are thrown away after a short time of use and one of the reasons why the earths resources becomes more and more scarce. Actually the demand for resources exceeds what the earth manages to regenerate each year. The day these resources are used is called Earth Overshoot Day and if everybody used as much resources as Norway this day is passed: 12th of April 2021. This has a major impact on our environment and the circular business ideas is much needed to better exploit the resources. 

UN estimates that the fashion industry is responsible for up to 10% of the global greenhousegass emission driving the climate crisis. All this comes from the production and rapid the demand of new collections. To produce a pear of jeans results in approximately 33,4 kg of CO2 emission and 3781 liters of water i needed for a finnisehd garment. This is a big issue thinking of the increasing climate crises we are facing.

It is not the environmental and climate side for the textile industry that is problematic: the working condition for the textile workers is a huge concern. In April 24th 2013 the building Rana Plaza in Dahka, Bangladesh, collapsed, killing 1132 people and injuring more than 2500. It was housing five different garment factories making clothes for known fast fashion brands. This awoke the worlds eyes to the terrible working conditions for the textile workers. The workers rights are non existing in several of these countries. Their working conditions and hours in several of these factories are intolerable. To maximize profit the industry minimizes costs by giving the workers minimal wages so that we can buy cheap clothes. Many don’t even have living wages. 
We need to bring an end to this industries way of exploiting the environment and the humans living in it. That is why we need this Fashion Revolution to remind us that the work is not done and that the need for change is still true. The Fashion Revolution says it well: we want a global fashion industry that conserves and restores the environment and values people over growth and profit.

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