The Concept

1. What is a clothing library? 

At a traditional library you can borrow a certain number of books for a specified period of time so long as you are a member of the library. At a clothes library you borrow clothing items. 

Wide variety

In addition to a wide variety of clothes, we offer a range of kids equipment like strollers and skiing gear.

Free Shipping

Members get free shipping once a month. We rely on cycling to help reduce our impact except for longdistance shipping.

100% Money Back

If you are not satisfied with the service, you can cancel penalty free in the first 14 days. You will get all your money back.

Every item in our inventory goes through a professional cleaning and restoration treatment after each use

The Concept

2. Why borrow when you can buy?

Our children outgrow their clothes at an economically and environmentally inefficient rate as the limted lifespan of a child’s garment by definition turns it into waste regardless its perfect condition, unless it is reused by another child. In economics, this is called the take-make-waste model. At Mamitou Clothing Library you can select the items you want to borrow, use them as much as you desire and when your child has grown out of them, or when you want something new-or simply just because you now can!-swap them for a size up or with completely new styles while keeping up with the changes in the seasons. Now this is called the circular economy model. Its principles are founded in sustaibablity, community collaboration and innovation. It is good for you and good for our plant and the overall country economics. 

Economically efficient

When you borrow instead of buy, you lower the price per utilization significantly. It's called economic efficiency aka bigger bang for your buck 😉

Circularity for sustainability

Only 1% of the clothes produced globally gets fully recycled and 73% get landfilled or incinerated. In Norway, a wooping 97.6% of materials consumed yearly never re-enter the economy. Our circular-subscrption model counters the take-make-waste tradition as we drive down overproduction.

saves our oceans

The textiles industry is responsible for 0.5 million tonnes of microfibers in our oceans. Our circular-subscrption model optimizes utlisation per garment hence saving our natural resources and reducing footprint.

The Concept

3. What can I borrow?

Among the things you can borrow from mamitou are bodies, pants, shirts, dresses, jackets, shoes, booties, socks, hats, gloves, pyjamas and much more. We even have teddy bears, sleeping bags, bunad dresses, children’s sports equipment and baby blankets. You want something that we don’t currently have? Send us a link and we will happily buy it for you so that you can happily borrow it from us 🙂  

We started as a clothing library but our customers asked for more options and we said yes!

Saves your Time

Mamitou is not only your child's cloud closet. We are also your personal assistant. We understand how valuable and scarce your time is and by choosing us we allow you to delegate mundane tasks.

Quality Guaranteed

Every item in our library is carefully inspected, restored, professionally cleaned and safely sanitized before reuse. We only offer authentic brands as durability and quality are key to acheiving sustainability.

Organized Home Space

As they grow, the amout of things they use grows. So do the clutter and noise they create in your home. Enjoy free and organised home space as we store thier closet in our cloud, instead of your hallway.

No kids? Gift someone you love!

Introduce them to sustaibable fashion and not only are they going to love you, but our plant will too! Most people are reluctant to try something new but research shows that once they do and like it, there’s no turning back. Open the door to a family into their child’s sustainable future.

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